Belgium – Flanders With the Bicycle and Ship

Flanders is the federal region of Northern Belgium that is predominantly Dutch-speaking. It is surrounded by the North Sea, Netherlands, France and the Belgian region of Wallonia. Note that the term Flanders is also sometimes used to refer to the original land of the Flemings that not only comprises Belgian Flanders but also the French… Continue reading Belgium – Flanders With the Bicycle and Ship

Ice Fishing

If you love fishing, then you would be glad to know that you do not have to wait for the warm summer months and the open waters to engage in your favorite pastime. Fishing during the winter can be just as much fun especially if you opt for an ice fishing vacation. There is of… Continue reading Ice Fishing

Best 5 Safari Lodges in Tanzania

The magical land of Tanzania is a safari paradise. The East African country is home to some of the continent’s most beloved safari wonders – the Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park and the Great Wildebeest Migration are just a few of these. Whether you’re going on a Tanzania safari to watch nature’s greatest show or… Continue reading Best 5 Safari Lodges in Tanzania

Freestyle Cruising

No question about it – cruise ship vacations are fun. You will struggle to find someone who does not want to do a cruise at least once in their lifetime. What however puts some people off and can be a blot to an otherwise unforgettable time is the formality and strict procedure that characterizes the… Continue reading Freestyle Cruising

A Honeymoon in Mauritius

A pearl set in a sea of sapphire is the vision one sees while contemplating the cosmopolitan island republic of Mauritius. Mauritius has been influenced by several distinct cultures since its initial discovery, which has resulted in fascinating and diverse populations who speak French, spend Rupees and drive on the left. The people of the… Continue reading A Honeymoon in Mauritius

A Honeymoon in Seychelles

The Seychelles breathtaking exotic white sand beaches are known world wide for its serene beauty and magnificent coral reefs. Seychelles is a perfect destination for both the wedding and the honeymoon. The Seychelles islands offer the perfect serene and untouched beauty ideal for honeymoon after your wedding is over. The Blue lagoons of the islands… Continue reading A Honeymoon in Seychelles